Technical reports series: Decision support systems

2015 Antonia Hadjimichael, Prototype for Decision Support Tools, ESR1_Deliverable3.2_2015 2014 Antonia Hadjimichael, 3.1_Deliverable_Knowledge bases for design and management of UWS



SANITAS publications and conferences

 PUBLICATIONS Arnaldos, M., Amerlinck, Y., Rehman, U., Maere, T., Van Hoey, S., Naessens, W., Nopens, I. (2015). “From the Affinity Constant to the Half-Saturation Index: Understanding Conventional Modeling Concepts in Novel Wastewater Treatment Processes”, Water Research 70, 458-470, Barrera, E., Spanjers, H., Solon, K., Amerlinck, Y., Nopens, I., Dewulf, J. (2015), “Modeling the anaerobic […]



Techical Reports Series: Modelling

2015  Celia Castro Baros, Ghent University, Deliverable 1.1.1_Control strategies for GSR minimal N2O emissions_CCB Julian Mamo, Universitat de Girona, Deliverable D1.7 Electrical conductivity as an indicator for RO membrane integrity monitoring[1] 2014 Usman Rehman, Ghent University, 1.1_Deliverable_Calibrated CFD-ASM model Jose Porro, Universitat de Girona, 1.2_Deliverable_Qualitative Model for UWS Julian Mamo, Universitat de Girona, 1.6_Deliverable_Proof of concept_evidence energy saving 2012-2013 Celia […]



Technical Reports Series: Control

2015 Fanlin Meng, Exeter University, Existing and new approaches to UWS management, ESR4_SANITAS_Deliverable_2.4 Julian Mamo, Universitat de Girona,  ESR2_SANITAS_Deliverable D1.7 Electrical conductivity as an indicator for RO membrane integrity monitoring Ramesh Saagi, Lund University, Simulation for system-wide operation, ESR7_SANITAS_Deliverable_2.8_ Kimberly Solon, Lund University, Simulation-based scenario for WWTP operation, ESR8_SANITAS_Deliverable_2.12_ Celia Castro Baros, Gent University, ESR10_SANITAS_Deliverable 1.1.1, Control strategies for […]