Technical Reports Series: Control


Fanlin Meng, Exeter University, Existing and new approaches to UWS management, ESR4_SANITAS_Deliverable_2.4

Julian Mamo, Universitat de Girona,  ESR2_SANITAS_Deliverable D1.7 Electrical conductivity as an indicator for RO membrane integrity monitoring

Ramesh Saagi, Lund University, Simulation for system-wide operation, ESR7_SANITAS_Deliverable_2.8_

Kimberly Solon, Lund University, Simulation-based scenario for WWTP operation, ESR8_SANITAS_Deliverable_2.12_

Celia Castro Baros, Gent University, ESR10_SANITAS_Deliverable 1.1.1, Control strategies for GSR minimal N2O emissions_CCB


Betrand Vallet, Aquafin, 2.2_Deliverable_CSO generator- a tool for the assessment of emissions from sewer systems

Marina Arnaldos, Acciona, 2.3_Deliverable_Comparison between integrated membrane technologies and conventional water reuse technologies

Ramesh Saagi, Lund University, 2.6_Deliverable_Receiving Water Model Finished

Ramesh Saagi, 2.7_Deliverable_BSM2 platform integrated with D1 and D2

Kimberly Solon, Lund University, 2.10_Deliverable_ADM1 extended with phosphorus, sulfur etc 2.11_Deliverable_BSM2 platform integrated with 2.5 and 2.6

Kimberly Solon, 2.14_A tool based methodology for sensitivity analysis and cost optimization of the UWS


Fanlin Meng, ESR4, Exeter University, “Literature review on  CBC and RTBC and its application” (version 1)